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When embarking on your digital marketing journey, the temptation to jump right in can be strong. However, it’s crucial to do your homework first and begin with the fundamentals: research and strategy development.

We always stress to our clients: In a crowded digital landscape, having a strategic action plan grounded in solid facts, data-driven insights, quantifiable objectives, and a clear roadmap is vital. This manages expectations and ensures all parties are on the same page from the very beginning, enabling collaborations built on trust. No surprises, simply transparent and open communication every step of the way.

here’s how we can help:

Online market research • Online competitor analysis • Audience research and analysis • Buyer persona development • Content audit

We take a thorough look at your business landscape and study your target audience and ideal customers. This way we can tailor content, copy, and campaigns to suit their needs and preferences.

Our competitor analysis uncovers valuable insights into your competition’s online marketing strategies, enabling you to shine brighter.

Additionally, our content audits play a key role in identifying hidden opportunities within your existing online presence and content strategy. This process helps us pinpoint your most valuable content assets as well as any content gaps, and fine-tune your approach.

Brand positioning • Brand personality and unique value proposition • Brand tone and voice guidelines

Brand positioning puts the most important aspects of your brand into a broader perspective. We get familiar with your mission, vision, values, audience/clients, competition, and visual identity.

Based on the information we gather about your brand, we then create guidelines for your brand voice (a style of communication that reflects the desired brand personality) and brand tone (emerges from the voice of the brand and changes depending on the channel or medium).

We also help you define your brand’s personality, unique value proposition, content pillars, and content information architecture across your online platforms.

Communication plan • Content strategy • Website content plan • Social media content strategy • Digital content strategy • SEO

We specify steps in your digital growth that are aligned with your objectives and resources. Rather than casting a wide net and hoping for a catch, with our assistance, you can play to your true strengths without wasting time and money.

Our strategic content plans encompass your social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), website, PR activities and content.

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