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Running a business today is like showing up to a crowded party, overhearing snippets about ‘the next big thing’ in digital marketing but not quite catching the whole conversation. You feel torn – fearing you’ll miss key opportunities yet overwhelmed trying to decide where to focus precious time and resources.

Now, imagine feeling confident in your digital marketing moves, engaging effortlessly in discussions, and even starting new ones. Picture being able to quickly tell which talks are worth your while and which you can politely avoid.

At Studio Altro, we make this happen for you.

We create digital marketing solutions that give you clear direction and make sure every step you take is purposeful in bringing you closer to your online growth goals.

How do we do that?

Strategy, but make it doable

We’ve seen plenty of marketing strategies that are either too generic or too complex to work in the real world. For us, strategy should be practical and doable, not lofty theory. To make it doable for you, we take the time to fully understand your brand through discovery, and we develop solutions tailored to your specific audience, resources, strengths, and goals. We then continually refine the strategy based on your feedback, keeping track of shifts in trends and consumer behavior so you can quickly adapt. Rather than vague ideas, you get granular recommendations with clear metrics and frameworks you can implement right away in your real-world situation.

Storytelling first

We’re not big fans of “pushy” marketing, the one that screams and shouts and is me-centered. We’re more into marketing that builds quality, two-way connections and we love finding ways to make it more relatable, engaging, and dynamic. Our approach is storytelling that puts people first, plus our different creative services, including bespoke illustrations and graphics. This is how we create brand stories and experiences that cultivate a sense of community, authenticity, and shared understanding.

Knowledge sharing

While we’re at it, we’re also not fond of marketing that feels like a mystery novel and leaves you with more questions than answers. It’s important for us that people we work with have a clear understanding of our strategies and how they can benefit their success. This is why we enjoy educating our clients and translating digital marketing into digestible insights and tips they can use. We’re about marketing that’s helpful and empowering.

Unique mix of skills

So far we worked in digital marketing, PR, and copywriting, but also in journalism and editing, design, and visual arts. On top of that, over the years, we gained specialized expertise in the cultural sector and creative industries. With this blend of experiences, we bring a fresh approach to your marketing. As former journalists, we know how to turn even the most complex topics into stories everyone can relate to. And drawing from our art background, we know how to deliver strong visuals, sharp and consistent visual branding, and creative ideas that click with the digital audience.

And that’s why, since we started in 2021, we’ve partnered with clients spanning different sectors, who count on us to drive tangible marketing results for them. Real-life examples? Here are some:

  • By creating a content strategy that spoke directly to the target audience, we achieved a 9.8% engagement rate for organic content on our client’s Facebook page. That’s 7 times higher than usual on this platform! Meaning, we’re *really good* at getting people to watch, like, comment, save, and share your posts on social media.
  • With just one TikTok video we got our client almost a million views, gathering significant engagement again, with 120.000 likes, 7.000 favorites, 2.700 shares, and 230 comments.
  • Our custom TikTok content strategy brought in over 3.5 million views and 10K+ followers for our client in his first nine months on the platform. And guess what? Our engagement rate was 33% higher than what’s typical on TikTok.
  • We stirred up a lot of excitement and interest for our client’s event on Facebook, doubling their reach and increasing their page visits by almost five times in just four months. The client’s event itself saw a remarkable 49% increase in attendees, thanks to collaborative PR, email, and social media efforts.

If you feel like we could be a good fit, reach out to us. We are based in Zagreb but we’re completely remote-friendly and provide flexible cooperation.

And in case you want to know the whole story?

Studio Altro is a sister-run operation. Sonja, the older sibling, and the artist in the family, worked as a head of PR in Croatia’s biggest museum – the Museum of Contemporary Art. Meanwhile, Tina, the younger, was an online/TV/print journalist and editor in major Croatian outlets like tportal, 24sata, and Express. She wrote and edited everything from quizzes to feature articles and long-form essays.

For more details, you can visit our LinkedIn profiles + check out Sonja’s art on her Instagram profile:

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